| Thursday, 21 September 2017 |
Global event

ROI- Successful Negotiating Skills: Getting to Yes

9:30 AM

Legal-Island | Irish Employment Law Hub

Industrial unrest in Ireland is on the increase, after a recession that lasted years kept a lid on expectations. Whether or not your organisation is unionised, negotiation skills are a central and ongoing part of your job as a Human Resources professional.The objective of this workshop is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and successfully negotiate or bargain across a range of work-related scenarios.

Why is this event important for YOU?

  • Are you engaged in individual or collective type negotiations?
  • Do you have to make job offers, pay\bonus offers or undertake performance reviews?

Whether you are negotiating the standard pay rise (or cut) round or are undertaking normal, everyday bargaining exchanges – this workshop will improve your chances of success.

The cost of failed negotiations is often too costly to contemplate. Effective negotiations are the bedrock upon which successful individuals, organisations, trade unions and economies are built.  When engaged in negotiations - where your skill-set as a negotiator can prevent losses, increase gains or enhance circumstances for you and your constituents - it is crucial that you get it right. We’ll show you how.