| Tuesday, 26 September 2017 |
Global event

NI- Masterclass in Handling Workplace Grievances

9:30 AM

Legal-Island | Northern Ireland Employment Law Hub

The workplace can and has become more “aggrieved”. Organisational change, individual personality types, team dynamics, work demands, “bullying bosses”, unrealistic expectations, stress – to name but a few – can lead to the “aggrieved” employee(s). How can grievances and complaints be responded to quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily?

Why is this event important for YOU?
This is a highly interactive event that includes facilitator-led input, practical exercises, simulated exercises, group discussions and case studies. You will be equipped in your knowledge, skills and attitude to manage and resolve grievances more confidently and effectively.

You will learn much about human behaviour, why we think/feel/do/perceive as we do. You will also experience one of the most enjoyable learning events of your professional career.