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Lagan Construction Group offer leading edge eLearning to embed equality and diversity goals

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Lagan Construction Group offer leading edge eLearning to embed equality and diversity goals
by Legal Island eLearning Team - Friday, 23 June 2017, 3:12 PM

Leading construction firm Lagan Construction Group have continued their lengthy history with workplace compliance company Legal-Island. The organisations have teamed up to provide Lagan Construction Group’s near 1,000 staff with online training on workplace Equality and Diversity issues specific to Northern Ireland.

The company plans to roll out the training to all of its staff, including those newly on-board after the firm acquired H&J Martin  last year.


Speaking at the signing of the training contract Barry Phillips, Chairman of Legal-Island stated:


“I’m very impressed with Lagan Construction Group and the way they have gone about setting up this training as part of their commitment to being an employer of choice.


Not only do they plan to train every single employee top to bottom, but they are also including this training within the induction programme for new employees.


Traditionally, construction companies have had a poor reputation when it comes to prioritising equality and diversity issues.  It’s really encouraging to see Lagan Construction Group take their responsibilities so seriously. 


Once implemented, I believe their staff will be better trained than those in many other industries in Northern Ireland, so congratulations to Lagan Construction Group.”


Sinead Curran, Head of Human Resources, stated at the signing of contracts:


“At Lagan Construction Group we want to further embed the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion within all areas of our business.  We are proud of all of our people and want to provide them with high quality training to expand their capability and confidence in working with our customers & communities, our supply chain, potential applicants and, of course, with each other.


We shortlisted a number of training providers in the area of equality and diversity but chose Legal-Island’s module over all others because it was the only one that was specific to Northern Ireland and the law here. In addition, our business operates across multiple jurisdictions outside of Northern Ireland so we particularly liked that customised modules were available to reflect these other legal contexts. 


eLearning also comes with many benefits compared with classroom based training. It means we wouldn’t have to take our employees off site and we have an up-to-date record at any one point of all those who have done the training.



For further information on Legal-Island’s eLearning modules please contact Debbie Wilson on 02894 463888, or alternatively