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Data Protection in the Northern Ireland Workplace Feedback

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Data Protection in the Northern Ireland Workplace Feedback
by Legal Island eLearning Team - Friday, 13 October 2017, 12:37 PM

“Ensuring our staff understand how we keep our clients’ data safe and secure is key to how we conduct our daily business. eLearning has made this simple. It provides a grounding in the principles of the Data Protection Act and gives practical guidance on its application in the workplace. Feedback from staff confirms that the training is user friendly and helps the learner engage positively with the subject area. It has been a really valuable addition to our staff training schedule, encouraging tangible changes to our daily working practice.”

Michael Walker, Orchardville Society

“We have signed on for the full package, including refresher training.  We found the process really easy, the training was specific to NI and interactive for our staff.  A really valuable piece of training and the whole process was handled brilliantly”

Judith McConville, Co-Ownership Housing